1. Pro: I have a lot of awesome lists.
    Con: I don't get invited to a lot of parties.
  2. Pro: I'm the early bird that gets the worm!
    Con: I'm the loser that goes to bed before 11 and uses phrases like "early bird gets the worm"
  3. Pro: My room is neat and decorated.
    Con: I just spent 3 hours crafting snowflakes for my walls.
  4. Pro: Everything has a place.
    Con: I can't buy new things without buying new storage.
  5. Pro: I get all my work done on time.
    Con: I can always find more work to do.
  6. Pro: I'm always on time to things.
    Con: When's everyone else going to get here?
  7. Pro: Look how nice it looks now that it's color coded!!
    Con: "Stop organizing my things every time I leave the room."