1. That I was outdoorsy.
    I used to think I was some sort of nature-loving hippie that yearned for a simple outdoor life amongst the beautiful nature. Except I hate dirt, bugs, cold, and wind. So where did I get this idea?
  2. That I was a tough/mean person.
    I can't even bump into someone without apologizing.
  3. That I was an intellectual type.
    There's a big difference between being smart and being an intellectual. Yeah I can get good grades no problem, but do I want to discuss the political climate of Russia as it has evolved through history with you, Hell no.
  4. That I wanted to be a vet.
    I hate medicine, science, and mess.
  5. That I could dance.
  6. That I wanted to live in the country.
    TV studios, liberal values, and air-conditioning please!