Why I Will Never Be Known for Being Chill

  1. My schedule is timed to the minute.
    I believe I can fit you in between 3:06 and 3:09pm.
  2. I could never have a one night stand.
    I have a dog that needs to be let out, pills that need to be taken, and a specific sleep schedule and nightly routine I feel I must follow.
  3. Getting drunk is out of the question more often than not.
    Because I have no time to be hung over.
  4. I have to eat at specific times.
    Stomach issues.
  5. Affection does not come easy to me.
    Saying "I love you" could take a while.
  6. I can not and will not eat "anything".
    I'm picky as Hell, a vegetarian, and have stomach issues.
  7. I am always on time.
    And I expect everyone else to be.
  8. I need to have input if we watch a movie.
    Because I won't sleep if it's horror, won't eat if it's gore, and won't let you live it down if it's romance.
  9. I have a self-imposed curfew.
    Because I will literally die if I don't sleep.
  10. I always expect the most out of myself.