Skimming through iTunes and found a song called "Fuck up some commas" by Future. These are my thoughts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  1. Does this guy not appreciate grammar?
  2. What did the comma ever do to you?
  3. I hear what your saying, fuck commas but what about periods, question marks, exclamation points, and the rest of the gang? Are they cool?
  4. Punctuation is necessary so I've been told by all english teachers. Do we really want to fuck with it?
  5. I'm bad at grammar too but that doesn't mean I write songs about fucking it up......Do better next time.
  6. Is this really what people listen to? I'm all about you do you but this can't really be you.
  7. Was this rappers friends egging him on saying absofuckinlutely commas suck so hard?! I don't get where the support for this song came from.
  8. I'm sorry Future but I don't agree with your music.
  9. I googled the meaning of this phrase and apparently it means blow an excessive amount of money.... I still strongly disagree with the lyrics of this song.