I am a big fan of Archie Comics and there were always some things I wondered about the characters. If you know the answer please fill me in!
  1. Who does Archie end up with?!?!?! Veronica or Betty will the world every know?
    I always kind of wanted Betty to win over Archie's heart in the end. They both seemed better suited for each other. But there was also a small part of me that wanted Jughead and Betty to be together.
  2. If Archie was on the bachelor and Betty and Veronica were competing who would you have win?
  3. Does Archie end up becoming a polygamist?
    Anything is possible
  4. Do they ever grow up and go to college?
  5. Does Archie ever overcome his clumsiness?
  6. How does Jugheads stomach not explode?! I know he's a fake character and all but really why isn't he GINORMOUS and super fat?
  7. What careers does everyone eventually end up in?
    My guesses would be: Betty - teacher, Veronica - NYC upper west side mom, Archie - maybe a teacher cause his teachers hated him so much or a restaurant manager, Reggie - sleezy salesman, Jughead - wealthy inventor/business entrepreneur (I always wanted Jughead to come out on top)
  8. What was Jugheads hat made out of and how did it never get dirty?
    Also where could I purchase such a hat? (besides Burger King)
  9. Did Dilton Doiley invent everything in the future? What is his most successful invention?
  10. Is Chuck Clayton based off one of the cartoonist who works for Archie Comics?
  11. Why is Betty's full name Elizabeth Betty Cooper? Why not just name the character Betty Cooper?
  12. How many burgers can Jughead really eat? I want an exact number.
  13. Did Terry "Pop" Tate who ran the Chok'lit Shoppe end up getting married at some point?
  14. Do Jughead and Archie stay best friends forever? I HOPE SO!
  15. Why did only Jughead have siblings?
  16. Does Jughead end up marrying Ethel Muggs?
  17. Do any of the characters parents end up getting divorced?
  18. If Pop Tates Chok'lit Shoppe closed would the gangs new hang out spot be Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?
  19. If new editions are still being printed are the characters current with modern times? (Aka using social media)
    If new editions are not being printed would the characters being using social media in the stories or keep with the old school times?
  20. I am sure I have more questions but would need to skim through some of my comic books to remember them. All around solid comic series👍