I'm a huge broad city fan and want everyone else to love Abbi and Ilana as much as I do
  1. They are the most badass women Iv ever seen and we should all aspire to live life as they do
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  2. They are all about educating children and important life lessons.
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  3. Abbi commands the attention of a room like a rock star and is loved by all ages.
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  4. Ilana rocks a power suit so hard and has excellent managerial skills
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  5. They are all about self reflection and setting goals
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  6. They are THE tightest Wolfpack and have each other's back through the hardest of times
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  7. They teamed up with this all-star and I would never question any of their decisions
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  8. Their portrayal of living life in NYC as a 20 something year old is spot on and we could all learn a few things from them
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  9. No shame is the best way to play the game
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    This was also the most solid dance routine Iv ever seen and Abbi crushed it so hard!
  10. They are the cutest best friends of all time
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