Happy Monday...... Said no one ever😒
  1. Picking a job sucks
  2. Trying to get the job you picked sucks even more
  3. If you ever do get a job doing that job sucks
    I hope that when I finally get a job I love it because it seems like it will fix a lot of unhappiness
  4. Taxes suck
  5. Paying bills suck
  6. A mean boss sucks.
  7. Cleaning your living space sucks
  8. Fending for yourself sucks
    It's hard to be assertive when no one listens to you.
  9. Deciding what to have for dinner sucks. Parents are way better at deciding everything.
  10. Being an adult has some perks but all around it kind of sucks
  11. I got picked on when I was younger and I thought it would eventually stop but now I feel like "life" is picking on me and it sucks.
  12. Encountering shitty adults who do mean things suck.
  13. Commuting during rush hour sucks
  14. I think in neverland everything wouldn't suck so much.
  15. Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys seem like a solid crowd and do not suck.
  16. Why would anyone ever leave a place where you can fly? Flying is awesome and Neverland does not suck.