Shout out to @Mona for the request. Today was a tough decision making day.
  1. Did I lock my front door? Is it worth it to go back and check?
    It was not worth it cause I did lock my door (it automatically locks)
  2. What would you like on your sandwich?
    Roast beef, cose slaw, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing
  3. Do you want fries or cose slaw with that?
    The answer is always fries
  4. Should I try taking the shortcut my mom told me to take or just take the long way and be in traffic?
    I tried the shortcut, got lost, and spent more time in the car than I would have sitting in much for trying new things
  5. What do I want to eat for dinner?
    This is sometimes/almost always the hardest decision for me. There are so many options I never know what to decide. Breakfast is the best and so easy, lunch will forever be a sandwich, but dinner is just so damn hard....I ended up getting Chinese
  6. Should I have more lomaine or more crispy shredded beef?
  7. Should I apply for a summer internship?
    At this point Iv pretty much given up on finding a job for the summer. And have not gotten my confidence back to put myself out there.
  8. Should I have dessert? And if yes should it be cookies or ice cream?
    Yes and decided to eat both. Not getting healthy right now no point in changing eating habits now.
  9. Should I have another drink or call it a night?
    Definitely going to have more. Tomorrows hangover is already guaranteed might as well keep going.
  10. Did you accomplish everything that you wanted to today?
    Probably not...good thing there is tomorrow