At one point in my life I had a super big dell desktop computer sitting on my desk at home and at the time it was pretty sweet
  1. Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, and Spider Solitaire
    These games were all a solid good way to avoid doing anything. I never learned how to play Hearts until later on in life but I always thought it was fun to go around the circle picking random cards
  2. Paint
    If you didn't sit in front of your computer screen for hours drawing weird trippy things in paint then I don't know what else you did with your time
  3. WordArt
    I know this still exists in the current Microsoft word but in all honesty how often do you use it now and how often did you use it back then? Cause for me it's a 1000:1 ratio
  4. screen names: yougo12, camper89, wildkid411. Away messages, aol profiles
  5. The game Oregon trail
    I never actually had this on my own desktop but at elementary school it was on every single one and was standard procedure to play when in the computer room
  6. Hearing a guy's voice say "you got mail"
    Again never had AOL but all of my friends did and back in the day it was cool to have play dates go on AOL and talk to others. This scenario was never ideal for me as my short tension span and hyperactivity would make me lose interest VERY quickly.
  7. Saving documents to floppy discs
  8. Having Windows software on my computer
    Made the switch to a MacBook in 11th grade and I never looked back
  9. Any computer game that came on a CD...Sims 1-infinity, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Zoo Tycoon
  10. Playing javanoid and snood
  11. Only 2 things on this list required having internet. Other than that my entertainment was Internet free which I think is a plus.