NYC subways/buses can be another level of complicated. If you look like you know what your doing it will all good. Happy commuting!
  1. Standing is the way to go during rush hour. That way you avoid awkward conversations of asking older/pregnant people if they want to sit.
  2. Don't make eye contact. Your subway ride will be 10x better if you avoid awkwardness.
  3. The 4, 5, 6 is ALWAYS delayed. Avoid at all costs.
  4. Don't rule out buses when going across town or traveling the east side they can be handy.
    However crowded buses are the WORST
  5. Don't ever go into an empty subway cart. Better crowded and safe than alone and sorry.
  6. When you lean your head/back against the subway door just remember how many other people lean their dirty heads against it.
  7. Hold the railing with your wrist not your hand.
  8. Take your backpack off on crowded subways. It's just common curtesy don't be a dick.
  9. Do NOT leave your stroller open with a kid sitting in it on a packed subway/bus. What did you take stupid pills for breakfast today? Hold your kid, fold up your stroller, and everyone's lives will be better.
    ZERO SYMPATHY for the people that don't do this.
  10. Don't listen to music too loud. It annoys everyone else around you and sometimes announcements are made that pertain to your travels
    One time a girl wasn't paying attention when the conductor said last stop and guess where that girl is now?.... No one knows cause she never got off the subway she's in subway abyss now
  11. Standing in the middle of a subway car is colder than the ends. The cold air gets trapped in the middle.
    Don't know how true this is but in the summer I'll try anything to stay cool on the subway.
  12. It's okay to get off subway cars you don't feel safe on and move to another. This is socially acceptable.
  13. If you loose a metro card go online and mail in a form saying the card was stolen or broken. They will refund you what money is left on the card.
    Only works if you know the machine # you bought the card at.
  14. No reason to yell or be pissed at people trying to squeeze onto the car. Everyone is just trying to make it to their destination.
    If you don't like cramped small spaces don't take the subway at peak times. It's as simple as that.
  15. Stand near the front or way back of the subway. Those cars are usually less crowded.
  16. The 7 has an entrance in-between 3rd ave and lexington on the south side of 42nd street. This entrance lets you by-pass the Grand Central mob and go directly to the 7.
  17. The 59th street 6 line has a separate entrance into bloomingdales (vital if you shop at bloomies).
  18. At Union square walking to the L track entrance saves you from having to walk through the singing hippies by the main entrance.
  19. Grand Central Station had a great food court. And Penn Station has Taco Bell.
  20. Try not to ride alone late at night... Shit happens