I turned 26 today and I'm not a fan of my birthday. These are my thoughts on life thus far. If your old I'm sorry if this list offends you. But not that sorry cause I still posted it.
  1. Getting old is terrible. I don't care what other people say. They just say positive things because they themselves are old.
  2. I will never change my unhealthy diet. I like food and the food I like the most tends to be unhealthy.
    I have predicted that my eating and drinking habits will be my downfall.
  3. I just got used to saying I was 25 which was a whole milestone itself. Now I have to work on saying 26. Just fuckin fantastic.
  4. I have yet to figure out what my career will be. Going to law school helped narrow my options. However I am still confused as to what job would be a good fit.
    Ideally doing nothing would be great but that seems to not be a possibility.
  5. I have slight wrinkles next to my eyes. They are getting worse.
  6. Nothing about getting older is fun. Literally NOTHING. I have gotten wiser in some ways but for the most part I'm just as dumb as I was at age 18.
    Law school has helped with this. And my common sense has improved.
  7. I believe I peaked during the summers of 2008, 2009, and 2010 while working at my sleep away camp with @klrosenb. She will back me up here too.
  8. Life has seemed to plateau at this point. Nothing THAT exciting has happened since turning 21.
  9. I find that my anxiety has only increased as I age and just makes life wonderfully annoying.
  10. I have a growing distrust for all people I met after the year 2014. Im not sure why but if we met after that year we probably are not friends unless you have proved yourself trustworthy.
  11. On the positive side I have awesome best friends who do a great job at cheering me up and I will love them forever. None of you have as good friends as I do. Well you might but mine are better. Shout out to @ncalifano and @klrosenb thanks for being amazing.
  12. Cake is good. Cake is a positive about birthdays. I like cake. 🎂