I havnt thought about why I have this fear in along time. Thank you @ChrisK for requesting. Maybe listing why I am afraid will help me conquer my fear! ⚡️☁️
  1. When I was younger it seemed that I had the worst nightmares when it was thundering and lightning. I think this why I associate thunder with things that are scary.
  2. I don't like loud noises especially unpredictable ones. Thunder fits this category very well.
  3. The worst kinds of thunder is when there is a very large crack and booming noise and everything shakes. This makes me very uneasy.
  4. I don't really like lighting as this is what causes the thunder. But lightening has some redeeming qualities. For example it looks very cool.
  5. When it rains where I grew up the ground gets very loose and a lot of old trees fall. Usually bad thunder means heavy rain which means trees will fall and the power goes out. I am also afraid of the dark so this is a lose-lose scenario for me.
  6. I know that thunder is just noise and I shouldn't be afraid. Hopefully the next thunderstorm won't be so bad.