Remember people it's the little things that count. All of these moments make me scream YAHTZEE in my head or out loud if appropriate... it usually never is.
  1. When you are trying to buy shoes/any article of clothing and the last item the store has is your size.
    This to me is like fate and I was destined to buy that article of clothing
  2. Winning a raffle.
    This goes for wining anything and everything. Wining is awesome and is a huge Yahtzee moment.
  3. Getting anything for free.
    Free shit is the best and I'll take anything for free.
  4. Running to the subway and getting on a second before the door closes.
  5. Getting all the classes for the semester that you requested.
  6. Realizing you got a window/aisle seat on an airplane.
  7. Finding your seat on an airplane and realizing there are zero children around you.
  8. Buying something and surprise it's on sale.
  9. Having a package delivered days before it was supposed to arrive.
  10. Having the food you just ordered taste better than you expected.
    I take pride in the food I order and like to think I always order correctly. This is probably because I don't really change it up. But when I do and I'm a little skeptical of the dish and it turns out good Im a happy camper.
  11. Getting picked first for anything.
    Except to do presentations in school. My last name starts with the letter A and that backfired for me a lot when I was younger. Teachers think they are clever when they start at the bottom of the list...they are not. They are just giving all the kids with the last names who start at the beginning of the alphabet a break.
  12. Being the first in line for anything.
  13. Being at a concert and your favorite song gets played.
    This makes me think the setlist was made for me and that's cool.
  14. The food you ordered for delivery arriving.
    I get overly excited for this. I also sometimes act like there is more than one person in the apartment based on how much food I ordered so it becomes a game too.
  15. Having your phone be on less than 10% battery and it doesn't die before you can get to a charger.
  16. Getting a job offer.
  17. Getting an acceptance letter.
  18. Making it through a rough week. Happy Friday Everyone!
    Thank god weeks restart or else life would be a very long dragged out pain in the ass.
  19. Getting a Yahtzee! while playing Yahtzee!
    Suggested by @ChrisK