An acrostic commemorating my 100th (finally) list
  1. O ne year and one month since joining THE LIST APP
  2. N o offense, Beej, but I don't think I can ever refer to the list app as
    @bjnovak can I call you that? Are we at that level?
  3. E ven though I know it's your app and not mine, this will just always be The List App to me, it's how it started
  4. -
  5. H ow often I struggle to express myself concisely
  6. U nable to formulate coherent thoughts
  7. N ever did I think that I would find an outlet on an online social media app
  8. D elicately making my way, list by list, day by day
  9. R eading, writing, thinking carefully. Slowly and steadily
  10. E ven though my posts may be infrequent or unsubstantial, I'm always watching, observing
  11. D espite my quiet, I'm here.