That parallel structure THO
  1. Making my best friend my boyfriend
  2. Traveling to Spain
  3. Reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
  4. Working at habitat for humanity for a week in New Orleans
  5. Journaling less than I would like
  6. Going to Canada for the first time
  7. Not reading enough
  8. Being there for my best friend the best that I can
  9. Sitting through too many cold Phillies games
  10. Deciding what to do with my life
  11. Living through different kind of heart break
  12. Drinking legally for the first time
  13. Laughing way more
  14. Voting in my first presidential election
  15. Loving my best friends
  16. Becoming closer with my family
  17. Taking a creative writing class for the first time
  18. Drinking lots of iced coffee
  19. Being the happiest I've ever been