1. My supervisor
    Most people don't know she's actually "in charge." Hides in an office all day and ignores responsibilities. Doesn't show up to work on time or at all. Entirely incompetent.
  2. My other supervisor
    Condescending. Does anything other than her actual job description. Illogical rules and enforcement that don't help the actual issues.
  3. My boss
    Giphy downsized medium
    Ignores problems and doesn't follow through on solutions. Actually quit or as she put it "left" a few weeks ago.
  4. My boss's boss
    Thinks I have a superiority complex.
  5. Professors who aren't good at teaching
    Like what get outta here if each PowerPoint slide is longer than 5 sentences what do you think this is.
  6. Non-English professors who critique my writing
  7. Anyone in a group project
    Screams uncontrollably.
  8. Adults who ask me to do stuff at church
    Sounds bad but. My dad is the pastor. Don't just assume I'll do whatever task you have planned for me. Just ~ask~.
  9. Police officers who confront me for stupid reasons
    Aka yesterday when a police officer stopped me at 8:55 while walking across the Ben Franklin bridge to tell me it "closes" at 9 and to "hurry up." To which I responded, "what are they gonna do not let me off?" Like what. Stop. Go fight crime.
  10. Other family members who aren't my parents but still think they have the authority to tell me what to do/not do
    Has been an issue since BIRTH. Does the phrase "YOURE NOT MY MOM/DAD" ring a bell? That was all me.