To be continued
  1. Tangled is a million times better than Frozen
    These are just the facts people I don't make the rules. Better sound track, better comedy, better details, over all BETTER. I will fight you on this.
  2. I thought list getting rid of drafts was going to result in an implosion but my feed has actually been a lot more active since then
    My only issue with it is when the app crashes and deletes something I've worked on. That something for @listbot to work on
  3. There are so many unrepresented Disney films at Disney world: Hercules, Tarzan, 101 Dalmations, Emperor's New Groove...just to name a few
    I demand JUSTICE
  4. Staying up late is way better than waking up early ACCEPT IT
  5. Pepsi is better than coke
  6. Starbucks > Dunkin Donuts
  7. Phoebe is the only character on Friends that I can never find fault with
  8. The only way teaching is gonna get better in America is if teaching requires more intense schooling and then those teachers are paid more.
    See- the smartest kids in the world and how they got that way- for more details
  9. I honest to god think John Mayer ( @john ) is one of the greatest musicians of our time. Pure talent. His guitar playing alone leaves me in awe.
  10. PESTO
  11. Pollen is to spring as ice is to winter....and pollen is worse!!!
    One makes everything green, one makes everything white...both impossible to get off your car...both ruin your sinuses. It might actually be pretty equal here but since we are in the midst of it pollen feels worse