1. It's my junior year in college
  2. Which means it's half way over! So bizarre
  3. So I'm just minding my business doing the expected 5 classes per semester routine
  4. An extra class here and there a summer abroad nothing major
  5. And then all the sudden I have enough credits to graduate a semester early
  6. Wow that's so cool, you might think.
  7. And I do too to a degree!
    Haha, degree, get it?
  8. But I wasn't mentally preparing for this.
  9. Like not at all.
  10. So now I'm a junior about to be senior ish?
  11. And I have to figure out what I'm going to *do* once I graduate
  12. And instead of thinking about this like over the summer I have to do it now since I can graduate next fall.
  13. And I literally have
  14. No
  15. Idea.
  16. I'm an English major I don't have a specific career that I've been preparing myself for or anything.
  17. I think the next thing for me should be grad school
    I love learning and the academic environment
  18. But it just feels really rushed and scary and aren't I still 18 years old and a little freshman?
  19. Am I really that close to being done?
  20. I can't even wrap my head around it.