Write what ya know 🤷🏻‍♀️
  1. 14.
    TOO FREAKING LOUD. Doesn't even get consideration. If I wanted the world to know I was drying my hands I would just let everyone know myself
  2. 13.
    There's nothing worse than washing your hands and realizing there's absolutely NOTHING to dry your hands on!! Resignation.
  3. 12.
    Toilet paper!
    When you don't want to get your clothes wet so you attempt to dry your hands using TP. usually just results in clumpy wet pieces in still wet hands. Disappointment.
  4. 11.
    Bathroom napkins!
    These fancy bathroom napkins usually with a rich family's initials or something. They're stiff and relatively unusable. Usually the only thing in the bathroom trash can. Awkward.
  5. 10.
    Wash cloth!
    This is effective, but often questionable when in someone else's house. Damp.
  6. 9.
    Basic hand dryer #1!
    Low air pressure, never really know what to do with the metal piece on the left, which opens like some sort of mailbox? Sad. But hey, you're saving the environment!
  7. 8.
    Basic hand dryer #2!
    The air loudly comes out but often cannot be found once exiting the nozzle. If you rub your hands together for around 5 minutes, thus causing a scene, then you can usually get your hands to something resembling dryness. Often has the option to swivel the nozzle to use as a hair dryer. Why would anyone need to do that? Confusing.
  8. 7.
    Brown paper towel not in a dispenser!
    Usually lying about the counter top. The bottom part is damp. They have a very distinct smell that reminds me of the middle school bathroom. Rough on skin. usually need half the roll to get close to drying your hands. Empty promise.
  9. 6.
    Basic hand dryer #3!
    This is like, automatic hand dryer 101. You don't have to touch anything for once, so that's a plus. Air pressure is questionable depending on location. Hopeful.
  10. 5.
    White paper towels!
    Huzzah, ol faithful. a safe, dry choice. Reliable.
  11. 4.
    Automatic white paper towels!
    And you don't even have to exert the energy to pull them out! Upgrade.
  12. 3.
    Random dyson drier
    I just don't agree with design of this drier, why the air comes out diagonally? But points for ~aesthetic~ and the unrelenting power of the dyson hand drier
  13. 2.
    Now we're talking!!! A nice blast of warm, consistent air pressure. Very amusing when the air makes your skin move all around. Plus your hands actually get dry and you don't have to touch anything!! Class.
  14. 1.
    Dyson airblade!
    The holy grail. I actually get excited when I see one of these bad boys in a public restroom. Rolling your hands in and out through the individualized hand placements in seconds. Passion.