1. Hiccups
    Dear god
  2. Sneezes
  3. People who interrupt me when I'm talking
    Like i already have a hard enough time getting up the energy to say anything if you interrupt me I'll just stop talking for the rest of the conversation passive aggressive oops
  4. When people walk slow in the hallway or on the sidewalk
    Walk faster or get out of my way!!!!
  5. Phone battery lower than 50%
    Cruel game
  6. When that shirt I like isn't on sale
  7. The cold
    Summer wya
  8. When my wifi doesn't work
    What bad karma have I racked up?
  9. Tests
  10. Low tire pressure
    That little light stresses me out just go off you're not important!!!!
  11. When my cats won't sit with me
  12. 25 mph speed limits
    Crawling would be fASTER