Parents- is there anything babysitters do that YOU can't stand? ++++
  1. No good snacks
    What was the point of me coming then?
  2. Late bedtime
    Give me that 8:00 bedtime or give me death
  3. Day time babysitting and one parent is home
    Do you wanna watch your kid? Or should I..?
  4. Little kids who have cell phones and call their parents while I'm there
    The whole point of me being there is so you don't bother your parents...when you call them it feels like I'm not doing my job
  5. When the parents don't tell you when they'll be home
    I don't have anywhere to be I'd just like to get to bed at a reasonable time
  6. Confusing tv
    Why do you have 5 different remotes?
  7. Asking me to babysit last minute OR cancelling on me last minute
    If I cancelled on YOU you would not be happy...
  8. No wifi
    Some variations of your kids names? No?
  9. No blankets
    Why is your house so cold?
  10. No pets
    Let me love your dog
  11. Being underpaid
    Ok I get it. I'm just hanging out with your kids for a few hours. But this is my job and it takes a lot of energy especially if you want me to do more than just put a movie on for your kids. In high school being paid low wages made sense, sure. But I'm in college and have a lot of experience. I should get paid as such.
  12. Giphy
  13. When they expect you to hold their children to standards they are not holding their children to.
    For example, asking me to limit TV time when they're not limiting TV time for their kids. The kids are always pissed about their routine being ruined, and that makes for a really bad time for me.
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  14. When parents share your contact info with other families without checking with you first
    Thanks and all, but I'm not actually yours to share.
    Suggested by @colls39