@amieshmamie this was such a nice idea!!! Now I need a reason to send someone else presents!!!
  1. A fun book to read!
    For when I'm not slaving over Class reading
  2. Burts bees lip balm!
    👄 pomegranate is yum
  3. A candle!
    To make my room smell all nice! I love vanilla scented candles
  4. Pens!
    I love pens. Especially colorful ones. My favorites are pilot g-2 07
  5. Bath bombs!
    Or bubbles or anything to make my baths fun and relaxing
  6. Pins!
    For my back pack collection!
  7. A Starbucks gift card!
    Feed my addiction
  8. A letter!
    I LOVE getting letters. Plus I'd write you back!
  9. Are you artistic? Send me something fun that you made!
  10. But honestly just surprise me!!
  11. I will be so beyond grateful for anything!!!
  12. 💜📝📦