These songs make me feel some typa way
  1. Bloom
    The paper kites - I just saw them in concert and basically only went so I could hear this song
  2. James Dean and Audrey Heburn
    Sleeping with sirens- my friends high school ex boyfriend introduced her to this song and since then I've made it my own
  3. Enchanted
    Taylor swift- how can you listen to this and not feel things?
  4. Set the Fire to the Third Bar
    Snow patrol- this was the song for the dear John trailer and every time it came on tv I would cry. I would also sit in my room and replay the trailer over and over to hear this song.
  5. All About Us
    He is We- one of those songs that I've stupidly attached emotions and moments to for no good reason
  6. Kiss Me Slowly
    Parachute- I don't know where this song came from but man
  7. Northern Lights
    Cider sky- this was from the breaking dawn part 1 soundtrack shhhh don't tell
  8. A Thousand Years
    Christina Perri - I used to love twilight don't look at me
  9. I Hate this Song
    Secondhand serenade
  10. Adore You
    Miley Cyrus- slow and beautiful and says all the right things
  11. Honey and the Bee
    Owl city
  12. Somewhere only we know
    Keane- my heart melted when Darren Criss sang this on glee OK