1. My sister's insta
    Clever captions, great editing
  2. Amanda Stanton's insta
    Her pictures and videos of her kids are everything
  3. My friend Meghan's twitter
    She is just so funny
  4. Billy Eichner's twitter
    Politically charged but that's ok with me
  5. Elan Gale's twitter
    A producer from the Bachelor. Cynical, political, the funniest tweets out there
  6. Becca Tilley's twitter
    Always relatable but also really funny
  7. @LevNovak twitter
    Not even trying to suck up. I've followed Lev on twitter for a long time now. like maybe since high school. Maybe 5 years? His tweets are always spot on and he's not afraid to say whatever he's thinking. And it's always spot on.
  8. @john twitter
    This man is something else that's all
  9. Chrissy Teigen's twitter
    A more recent follow but very funny. She replies to a lot of people's tweets and it's the best
  10. Catherine (and Sean) Lowe's insta
    THEIR BAAAAAAABY I could listen to videos of him laughing all day