1. In like 30 minutes my 20th year on this planet will be over.
  2. That's so wild.
  3. I feel like I'm still 16.
  4. I look like it too.
  5. While 20 years definitely isn't a long time and I feel like I'm still just a lil baby,
  6. This year has definitely been a lot.
  7. A lot changed this year.
  8. I changed a lot too.
  9. I celebrated a 5 year anniversary,
  10. And ended that relationship two months later
  11. That was my first and only relationship ever
  12. So ending it took a real toll on my family as well
  13. But it was the right thing for me.
  14. And I have learned since then that this year has been about doing what is right for me.
  15. Not for everyone else.
  16. Empathy is great and feeling for others is a great skill to have
  17. But I realized I was thinking too much about how my actions would effect others
  18. Rather than how they would effect me.
  19. All of that craziness is how the year started.
  20. Since then
  21. I've built a better relationship with my mom
  22. I traveled so much
  23. I went to Georgia
  24. I went to Florida
  25. I went to Canada
  26. I went to New Orleans with habitat for humanity again
  27. SPAIN.
  28. So this year I spent the summer in Spain.
  29. My first time in Europe
  30. My first time just living away from home.
  31. I went to Portugal
  32. I experienced so much and though it had its ups and downs I wouldn't trade that experience for the world.
  33. My best friend went through a really hard time this summer when her dad passed away
  34. I've made more of an effort to reach out to people around me
  35. I've worked really hard in my classes to maintain my GPA
  36. I've been trying to save up my money
  37. I read a lot of good books this year.
  38. And I started working on my writing for real.
  39. Which has taken a lot of work on my part
  40. Because I'm definitely self conscious about my writing which is sad because i shouldn't be and I'm working on it.
  41. I speak up more.
  42. I started a new relationship too
  43. And I'm the happiest I've ever been.
  44. But I know this next year is even bigger for me.
  45. I need to prepare to make some serious big girl decisions.
  46. And I'm really really scared.
  47. But I know I'll be ok.
  48. 🎂❤️