Because I'm not good at being a person
  1. When you're waiting for class to start
    Stare at phone stare at phone get books out stare at phone
  2. When you're trying to buy something but the cashier is chatty
    Don't talk to me about the weather or how awesome you heard those pens I'm buying are
  3. When you're waiting in line
    Why just don't do it
  4. When you get to babysitting
    Just leave so I can play with your kids without judgment
  5. When you're trying to leave babysitting
    Give me my money so I can get out of your house I've been here for 5 hours
  6. When you're on a plane
    Flying is already a pain we don't need to make me feel any more anxious. Even if my family member was sitting next to me I wouldn't be talking to them I SURE DONT wanna talk to you
  7. When you're forced to do ice breakers
    I'm in college I thought these wouldn't be an issue anymore but THEY ARE
  8. When you get called on randomly to give your opinion
    Nope. Would have raised my hand. Don't you dare put me on the spot. I don't care that participation is part of my grade.
  9. When you're about to start a serious meeting but it's not serious yet
    Heh heh yeah it has been really warm out what would you say is your biggest flaw as a human being???????
  10. When your waiter/waitress tries to connect with you
    Just bring me my food and make sure my Pepsi is refilled and you'll get a good tip I PROMISE
  11. When you're getting your nails done
    Why do they always ask personal questions? And then I like forget to ask them back like a polite individual and I don't want them to think I'm self centered!!!!
  12. When you're getting a haircut
    My hair is literally soaking wet and covering my face don't even try
  13. When you have to make any kind of phone call ever
    Uh uh uh no NO why can't everything be done on the internet yet? Where is the PROGRESS PEOPLE