Inspired by @marymurphy !!!
  1. The Friends Squad
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    I mean come on, if you don't wanna hang w the friends squad then who DO you wanna hangout with?! This is a given. No explanation needed.
  2. The Parks and Rec Squad
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    Literally one of the best casts on current TV. Even the smallest of characters are amazing. No one is irrelevant. All the way from Leslie Knope to Perd. I'd even chill w lil Sebastian given the opportunity.
  3. The Taylor Swift Squad
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    I feel like I would just really thrive here. I'm all about being the best friend you can possibly be even when it's like taking it to extreme levels of friendship. But Taylor and her squad are super about that. So I want in.
  4. The Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak Squad
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    @mindy @bjnovak I know it's just the two of you and I know you have some weird relationship/friendship stuff but if I have to third wheel anyone I want it to be you.
  5. The Girl Meets World Squad
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    Stop they're just so cute. Let's take on the 🌎 together!!!! 💘
  6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower Squad
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    The most fun, quirky, and accepting squad you will ever meet. I'm all about their late night adventures and GOOD music. I just want to be in that group hug so BAD.
  7. The New Girl Squad
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    Guaranteed they will always keep you laughing and confused. If I have to live with roommates can it be them?
  8. The National Treasure Squad
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    Cmon fam lets go find that treasure. Where's my fire torch? 🔥