I realized that the Bachelor franchise is slowly but surely taking over all of my social media. The worst part is I'm not even upset about it. A little ashamed. But not a lot. This is all of the Bachelor people that I follow
  1. Sean Lowe
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  2. Catherine Lowe
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  3. Emily Maynard
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  4. Jef Holm
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  5. Arie Luyendyk
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  6. Carly Waddell
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  7. Zack Waddell
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  8. Jade Roper
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  9. Tanner Tolbert
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  10. Ashley Iaconetti
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  11. Elan Gale
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  12. Jessica Florence
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  13. Renee Maynard
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  14. Des Hartsock
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  15. Chris Harrison
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  16. Sarah Herron
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  17. Andi Dorfman
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  18. Sharleen Joynt
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  19. Tenley Molzahn
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  20. Kaitlyn Bristowe
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  21. Shawn Booth
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  22. Drew Kenney
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  23. Ben Higgins
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  24. Josh Murray
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  25. There's something wrong with me
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