I wrestle with these daily
  1. Pepsi
    There was a time that I swore off Pepsi for a few months. I would not go back to that time. I love Pepsi so much. It's so good. It gives me energy. But it's so bad for you!!!! And I know that!!!! BUT I CANT GET ENOUGH.
  2. Coffee
    Starbucks is expensive BUT IT'S SO GOOD AND MAKES ME SPAZZY
  3. Caffeine in General
  4. Work
    Work makes me feel productive. But it also makes me tired. But it also makes me money. BUT BUT BUT
  5. Free time
    I need more time to watch my shows and read more books and do more arts and crafts and see more friends!!!! But when I have free time I end up wasting it. It's just better that I'm busy
  6. Candles
    Mmmmmmmm candles. But I have like 5 in my room right now
  7. Giraffes
    They're so cute!!!!! But when everyone knows your favorite animal you end up with a lot of giraffe stuff. I'm not complaining. But there have been times when my room has looked like a plush zoo exhibit
  8. Clothes
    A universal struggle
  9. Pens
    I love pens. I want all the pens. I don't need all the pens
  10. Notebooks
    OH MY GOODNESS notebooks!!!!! How many do I have that will just never be filled?! It's so sad!!! But I'm still going to keep buying them bc I have NO WILLPOWER