Inspired by @kate81 I guess I wasn't the healthiest kid 🙄
  1. Broccoli braid 😷
    This SCARRED ME FOR LIFE. My mom made it and made me try it. I will never eat a broccoli braid ever again. 😝
  2. Uncrustables
    Every day for lunch in 8th grade
  3. Raviolis
    Me and my friend Phoebe loved these
  4. Juice pouches
    Make it into a cell phone when you're done
  5. Mashed potatoes
    Still my favorite
  6. Gogurts
    Always extra cool when they were frozen
  7. Cheese and chips sandwiches
    I was convinced I invented this
  8. Pizza lunchables
    Why were these so good
  9. Grilled cheese
    Burnt if my dad wasn't paying attention
  10. Bacon egg and cheese toaster strudel
    These were not good
  11. McDonald's cheese burger no pickles
    Now I'm more of a nuggets kind of gal
  12. Apple Jacks
    The war between the apple and the cinnamon was formative to who I am today
  13. School lunch mozzarella sticks
    Above average
  14. Stouffers Mac and cheese
    Too classy for Kraft over here
  15. Eggo chocolate chip waffles
    For breakfast
  16. Reese's cups
    Heaven on earth
  17. Nesquik
    Who am I kidding I still drink this???