I can't even make this up
  1. "Please cry I like it when you cry"
    Said while playing doctor but I'm still skeptical
  2. "Can fairies fly? No because they don't have wings the dinosaurs broke them off"
    Obviously a rhetorical question I wasn't supposed to answer
  3. "Can Jesus go on a picnic? No because it's raining so he can't"
    Said while looking at a Bible picture book... Poor Jesus 🙏🏼
  4. "Jesus can't go to Hawaii because there's too much people around him"
    Still reading the Bible picture book... Poor Hawaiins 🌴
  5. "Can Jesus go with the penguins? No because it's too cold he will freeze"
    STILL Reading the Bible picture book... Poor penguins 🐧
  6. "Penguins can fly I saw one at the beach so you are not correct"
    Weird obsession with penguins
  7. "This looks like tears!"
    Talking about a cup of water 😭😭
  8. "Did you know you're most likely to die from loneliness?"
  9. "Homework is dangerous"
    You're in preschool
  10. "He needed help...why did it have to be a boy? Why couldn't it be a girl?"
    Feminist at a young age
  11. "You're always right, Rachel"
    Heck yeah I am 😇