No one is paying me to write this
  1. In ADDITION to your carry on AND personal item
  2. You get to check TWO bags
    Unheard of
  3. They give you FREE DRINKS
    like no airlines do this anymore and it's a sin
  5. My best friend's mom is a flight attendant for them
    She flies for free ya'll
  6. Group boarding rather than assigned seating
    There's a feeling of risk but also of equality???Unless you're in boarding group C then it might feel a little different. And it minimizes your chances of getting the dreaded middle seat.
  7. Their employees are very nice
    The woman checking my boarding pass addressed every. Single. Person. By their first name and thanked them. For what? Not sure. But it was NICE.
  8. They have lots of flight options and it's totally reasonably priced
    Especially since they've added lots of options and if you don't wait too long to book
    Suggested by @gkshorty
  9. You can switch your ticket!!
    Multiple times/usually for free/pretty last minute
    Suggested by @gkshorty