Not all inclusive, but it's a start...
  1. Mobility for humans.
    Transit, bikes, pedestrians first in my book. Streetcar, buses, light rail, commuter rail and even monorail! I even support cars but to a lesser degree.
  2. Reproductive rights for women and all others who want it.
    My body, my rules. Your body, your rules.
  3. Democrats
    I will pretty much always vote for Democrats unless other parties can prove they support the two values above.
  4. Social services
    Growing up, my family regularly used food banks and took full advantage of available tax credits. My younger brother could never get the mental health care he needed. He committed suicide. My second brother's twins were born prematurely and he had just lost his job. His family relied on social services to keep themselves on their feet between jobs. This is why the social net is there! Grateful for my well paying job everyday. We need to support those less fortunate.