This was very hard, but these are the albums that kept me company during pivotal points in my life
  1. 'God Fodder' Ned's Atomic Dustbin
    Five Brummie lads who were only 3 or so years older than me and two bass players?!?! 'Happy' was the first song I heard and fell head over heels for the album. I still play it. Enough said,
  2. 'Purple Rain' Prince
    This album was dance class, being 8 years old and dancing around your room excitedly. Being young and alive. Rock n roll us kids could dance to with excellent musicianship!
  3. 'Black Sabbath' Black Sabbath
    This album was a great transition from Led Zeppelin. The next stage-darker, heavier. Classic. I can't add anything better than what's already been said. Sounds great to this day
  4. 'Suede' Suede
    The only 'Brit Rock' band I fell madly in love with besides Ned's. This album rocks, yet it's moody, gorgeous and unapologetically sexual. More gritty and less melancholy than the Smiths. Bernard Butler's guitar is superb and I love Brett's voice. As with Ned's, still play it. Stand out tracks: 'Animal Nitrate,' 'Pantomime Horse,' and 'Metal Mickey'.
  5. 'In Rainbows' Radiohead
    This was the first album I listened to all the way through and back again. It came at a crossroads in my life and helped through a very low point. It still keeps me company in my new life!