There's some less obvious ones here
  1. The Esplanade heading west past the Mass Ave Bridge
    The trees arc over the pathway and it's less touristy
  2. Down Marlbourough Street
    Pretty and peaceful
  3. Around the reservoir by Boston College
    Great views of the city and a great spot for speed walking
  4. Up Mass Ave from Harvard Square to Porter Square
    Stop for a bite at Hi-Rise Bakery or Simon's
  5. Down Cambridge or Broadway from Harvard Square to Inman Square
    The library on Broadway is a neat building and a good resting stop
  6. Around the Arboretum
    It's just a nice oasis on the outskirts of the city
  7. Down St. Paul's Street, Babcock Street or Amory Street from Comm Ave. to Beacon Street in Brooklne
    Nice, quiet neighborhoods
  8. Up, down, in, out of any street in Beacon Hill
    Lots of tourists but fun to explore with some of the best window boxes in town