A Tough Conversation With My 1st Grader

Tears and ramblings edited out.
  1. A: They taught us about a lockdown today
    Crap. I should have talked to her about this sooner. I wish the school would have let me know about it first
  2. A: I'm so confused about what actually happens
    That's because your teachers don't want to scare you
  3. Me: Did they explain to you what to do? Do you need help with the steps?
  4. A: They said if even one person says "lockdown" that you should listen
  5. A: After someone says lockdown we're supposed to go to our safety places
  6. A: I just don't understand why there are safe and not safe places
  7. A: Why would I need to hide?
  8. *deep breaths*
    because there are children your age who have been shot and killed in a matter of seconds just a few hours drive from here, and your classroom is the first one you see when entering the school
  9. Me: your school has things to keep you safe, but sometimes bad guys can get in
    Her doe eyes are staring right at me, and she's tic blinking again. She looks confused.
  10. Me: Sometimes instead of helping, people want to hurt.
    And can kill. They can kill you and all your classmates in seconds. The girl knows this, she just chooses a life of unicorns and rainbows.
  11. Me: So we have you hide to stay out of bad peoples' ways
    Equivalent to hiding under a desk waiting for a bomb to explode.
  12. Me: To keep yourself safe
    Hopefully. Oh dear Lord, the world is terrifying. I wish there was more I could do to keep her from harm, to keep her care free spirit
  13. A: We're having a practice lockdown on Friday
    Well, she won't be sleeping soundly tonight.