Location: in the car on the way home. Obviously this isn't word for word, but it's pretty darn accurate
  1. A: Hi Mommy! How was voting?
    Confusing. Frustrating. Nice to have a voice though.
  2. Me: It was good. Did you talk to anyone at school about voting?
  3. A: Yea, Travis said "did you know Trump wants to run for President?"
    Oh no, he's going to tell her how great Trump is 😳 For the record, these were the stats from our ward last night. I'd honestly be less embarrassed about posting a photo of myself naked after having 3 babies, but these numbers need to sink in.
  4. Me: Yep, he does. What else did he say about him?
    That the UK actually debated whether or not to ban him from the UK? Wishful thinking I know
  5. A: He said Trump is a meanie. Do you think he's mean?
  6. Me: I'd say that's accurate.
  7. A: How is he a meanie mommy? Did you vote for him?
  8. Me: No, I did not. You know how mommy and daddy and your school (and you know, Jesus) encourage you to be friends with everyone and to celebrate your differences? Trump doesn't believe that.
  9. A: So he's not friends with everyone?
    I need to get better at bringing things down to her level the first time. I also need to make sure I don't use expletives while trying to describe him...
  10. Me: You know the new girl in your school? Who came here from a different country, dresses differently, and is learning English so she can talk with you?
  11. A: Oh yea, I try to play with her at recess, but she's not in my class.
  12. Me: Trump wouldn't want her in your (public) school. Trump wouldn't want her to live here because she comes from a different place and believes in different things.
  13. A: That's sad, she's really nice.
    No kidding
  14. Me: Trump doesn't like certain people because they are different, and mommy just doesn't agree with that. There are lots of other reasons, but that's the gist.
    I'll leave the fact that you wouldn't be taken seriously based on your gender alone because of this fella and people like him for another convo.
  15. Me: One day you'll be allowed to vote, isn't that cool? And I'll teach you to research everyone and choose for yourself who you like the most based on what you believe. You don't have to vote for who mommy votes for or who your friends vote for, but you need to do your research.
  16. A: Well, I definitely won't vote for Trump, don't worry. Travis said he couldn't remember the name, but that he likes the person who's trying to make going to college free.
    It sounds like Travis may be on to something, and in agreement with many Granite Staters!