Don't get me wrong, it's exciting to be able to be so involved in our country's future, and I encourage everyone to get out and vote for who you think is best, I'm just looking forward to the Primary being done
  1. That peaceful Sunday afternoon where you put the kids down for a nap and try to nap yourself? That's been interrupted by door to door campaigners (at least 6 different instances that I remember.)
  2. Traffic is awful
  3. You can't go anywhere without worrying about running into a candidate
    I've seen 3 different campaign buses at my local Target this week, and pretty much every popular local restaurant is flooded with people who are hoping a candidate will pop in
  4. I have to put effort into how I look to vote
    Well, I don't HAVE to, but I've already been told there are cameras at my ward. Additionally, they are recording which ballot you pick up, so they can basically tell which party I'm voting for, so I feel the need to represent them well
  5. Your brother calls you on your birthday, not to wish you a happy birthday but to tell you which candidate to vote for
    True story; my birthday was yesterday. He also argued with me when I told him I had already made up my mind and was voting for someone else. He then tried to convince me how I wasn't taking my responsibility as a Granite Stater seriously 😖 It didn't matter that I had done my research apparently
  6. Friends will send you fear mongering videos at midnight before the election for that one last push
  7. Signs signs EVERYWHERE. I thought where I used to live in PA was bad, but there is not one patch of grass that isn't littered with signs
  8. When others inquire about where/when to vote, they're treated poorly and accused of not taking their responsibility seriously enough
    It's really sad to see. I've seen it on social media so much the last few days. Someone who has moved here or a new adult asks questions about voting and everyone just criticizes them for not knowing. I try to offer answers when I can, but the intensity of NH voters I feel can deter people from being involved in casting their vote
  9. It's over! Phew.