1. Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon)
  2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)
  3. Luther (Netflix)
  4. IZombie
    Don't let it being on the CW scare you. It's good.
  5. Child Genius
    A guilty pleasure. Bonus is that it makes me feel like a good parent.
  6. Great British Baking Show (PBS)
    It's all so lovely
  7. Outlander (STARZ)
    The plot is really good. The hot curly haired red heads in kilts don't hurt
  8. Fear the Walking Dead
    Definitely a different tone from Walking Dead. A little slow at first, but overall I was impressed.
  9. Broadchurch (BBC/Netflix)
  10. Orphan Black (Amazon)
  11. Getting On (HBO)
  12. The Wrong Mans
    Who knew a dramedy could be pulled off so well.