If Someone Sent Me My Ideal Care Package, This Is What Would Be Inside 💚📦

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Little Unicorn Muslim quilt
    I'll admit that I'm quite jealous of my 4 month old having his own. Yes, they're meant for babies, but they're the perfect size for a lap blanket and for the car. Other brands carry larger ones, and they're ok, but I prefer the LU muslin and prints. These things are fantastic
  2. Dairy free and soy free treats
    Thanks to this chubster, I've had to eliminate all dairy and more recently soy from my diet so that he can keep getting fatter. Dairy free & soy free chocolate and desserts are expensive and not readily available to me, so I go without them. The giggles and toots of my little guy make up for the misery, but some days mama just needs something fun to eat.
  3. Illustrated edition of Harry Potter
    Pretty self explanatory. My 6 year old and I have been reading this book together, and reading from a beautifully illustrated copy would make it more enjoyable!
  4. Chicken fingers
    The ultimate comfort food. Puritan Backroom's (pictured) are the best!
  5. A nice smelling (not too overpowering) candle
    J.R. Watkins is my fave. Because sometimes you need to trick yourself into believing that you and your house doesn't smell like spit up and poo
  6. A Minted Gift card
    So I can afford these gorgeous letterpress silhouettes
  7. Some sort of small cutesy woodland themed item
    Not too picky about this. Hedgehogs, deer, mushrooms, foxes, wolves, oh my!
  8. An Out of Print sweatshirt
    You can't go wrong! Everyone loves books!
  9. Storiarts scarf/accessories