My motherhood journey thus far

These photos are from 3 different kids, they just all look similar :) Hopefully you'll either be able to relate or it will give you a glimpse of what your mom did for you.
  1. I've carried you to term and let you wreak havoc on my body
  2. I delt with everything that came out of that little body
  3. I've pretended to eat those tiny toes of yours
  4. I've carried you for hours in the carrier so I could get some things done
  5. I've sat for countless hours nursing you, letting you run your fingers through my hair as you drift off to sleep
  6. I've caught you growing bigger every day and being adventurous
  7. I've nursed you covered in public so we don't get harassed
  8. I've taken silly pictures of you in hopes of embarrassing you with them one day
  9. I've turned my back for one second and caught you doing things you weren't supposed to do
  10. I've stayed around for your grumpy diva moments
  11. I've celebrated holidays with you even though you didn't know what was going on
  12. I've watched you get terribly sick and tried to comfort you when I was actually terrified
  13. I helped you blow out your candles
  14. Ive held your hand on every road, in every parking lot and store to keep you close
  15. I've held you and whispered encouraging words to entice you to try new things
  16. I taught you how to use the potty (and you in turn taught your friends)
  17. I've watched your eyes widen in amazement at our world and the things in it
  18. I've admired your beautiful baby curls
  19. I've caught you sleeping in strange circumstances
  20. I've gotten caught in the rain with you
  21. I've watched you pass out after a big day
  22. I've stayed awake watching you sleep
  23. I've laughed at your silly jokes
  24. I've received the most beautiful bouquets from you
  25. I've done plenty of silly selfies with you
  26. I've given you the hairstyle you really wanted while you kept a brave face
  27. I've attended Kindergarten tea in which you helped make all the food
  28. I've held you in the waiting room at the ER and held your hand feeling helpless while you screamed getting stitches
  29. I've caught you hiding doing something you shouldn't be doing
  30. I've watched you get creative with Legos
  31. I've watched you yield a sword and pretend to be the Mother of Dragons
  32. I've watched you grow up before my eyes and discover the joys of reading and friends
  33. I've loved you since the moment you've entered this world