1. Go cart racing
    I've done it once, and will not do it again. I do not find it enjoyable or entertaining, just plain TERRIFYING. My husband's 50 something year old aunt had a higher score. I paid for 3 rounds, and 10 seconds into the first round I regretted it.
  2. Sorting laundry
    Seriously, where do you put the freaking yellows? This is my husband making fun of me by the way.
  3. Filling in bubbles for tests/polls
  4. Falling asleep
    As soon as my head hits the pillow, my mind replays everything that happened that day, and I make a mental list of my worries.
  5. Wearing a bikini/ 2 piece
    All the horrifying things that could accidentally be revealed 😱 And the skin cancer, let's not forget the skin cancer
  6. Drinking my full beverage
    @dereklucas brought to my attention that no matter what the beverage is, I will never drink the last bit, whether it's a personal beverage like a glass of water or a shared one like a gallon of milk or juice. I'm pretty certain it's because someone once told me when I was young that the last bit at the bottom was backwash, and I just CANT DRINK IT. At least we'll be prepared if we're attacked by water fearing Aliens.
  7. Choosing a haircut
    "It's just hair, it'll grow back" doesn't do it for me. I hate my hair right now, and know I need it cut. But what if they cut it too short? What if they cut it in a way that makes me look like the grumpy lady from The Incredibles? What if they cut it assuming I know or have time to do things to my hair to make it look good, when sick told them I don't? What if they cut it exactly the way I ask and what I thought I wanted looks awful on me?
  8. Parallel Parking
    I'll admit I haven't tried to do so since my license exam (and since I got s car with a rear camera) but during the exam I had parallel parked perfectly without even knowing it, but questioned myself and went to put the car in reverse once more and the man testing me grabbed my hand and said "you don't want to do that. You're fine."
  9. Being late
    When I suspect that I'll be late to something, my insides feel like they all squish into one gross mush and I fill with so much dread. What if the friend I'm making wait doesn't want to be my friend anymore? What if my daughter's awesome pediatrician says they don't want to treat my kids anymore because I'm 2 minutes late? What if so and so yells at me because I'm a terrible excuse of a human being?
  10. Opening gifts in front of anyone
    My goal is always to express gratitude when given a gift, but when I have to open that gift in person, I get extremely anxious. What if the giver doesn't think I'm excited enough? What if I'm sneezing while opening the gift, or distracted by something else, or confused by what the gift is or why it's being given to me, and the giver thinks I'm not grateful? This is why I dread every Christmas with my husband's extended family and baby showers.
  11. Turning right on red
  12. Dance at concerts
    I feel like this is self explanatory
  13. Talk to text
    I just don't trust it, and every time I've tried in the past Siri has gotten it wrong (like the epic example pictured. Think about it). And what if my text is sent before I have time to edit it 😳