Things My Mother Did That I Swore I Would Never Do but Find Myself Doing as an Adult

I love her so much, but there were times as a child that I was straight up embarrassed for her and puzzled by her behavior. I am starting to connect the dots now, 25 years in total and 3 kids later.
  1. Snapping my fingers at my own children (and occasionally other's children) to get their attention
    The poor lady had 6 of us to wrangle, half of my current load. I think we can all agree it looks stupid to snap to get someone's attention, but I realize now it's because she was trying so hard not to yell or have to repeat herself for the 10th time
  2. Crying in public
    Sometimes you just need to ignore what other people think of you and admit to yourself that things aren't perfect
  3. Emotional driving
    You know, when you honk more than once and try to pass someone on the road whom you have a personal vendetta against because they did something stupid that "could have caused an accident"
  4. Holding it until it's almost too late
    I never understood why my mom did this. We would be on the way home from the grocery store and she would speed home because she forgot to use the bathroom earlier. I know realize that THERE ARENT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY
  5. Asking to speak to a manager
    I've got to say, I don't have near the amount of confidence I've seen my mom have, and I try to be a bit more patient with the middle man than she would be, so I don't do this often, but darn it if somethings not right, justice needs to be served!
  6. Eating half of a package of food at the grocery store and than paying for it at the end of the trip
    I've been able to hold off doing this for quite a while, but when it's 2pm and you realize you haven't eaten all day and are straight up HANGRY but have things to get, you improvise: