I have a 6 year old, 4 year old, and 4 month old. I want to make memories and make snow days fun, but I'm running out of ideas! I will list what we've done so far; feel free to suggest others that you do with your children or remember enjoying as a kid. We will likely have a couple snow days this week!
  1. Playing out in the snow
    This one is a bit obvious. We always follow a long play in the snow with hot chocolate and footie pjs.
  2. Watching a movie
    Honestly running out of ideas of what to watch 😫
  3. Lots of reading
    Currently my 6 year old's favorite thing to do. She's reading the Nathaniel Fludd series to herself, and she's reading Harry Potter out loud.
  4. Sorting socks
    I know, this is a bit boring, but it gives them something to do. Nothing beats a basket full of matched socks.
  5. Legos
    Princess+undead unicorn=awesome
  6. Ukulele
    We sing songs and I teach my older daughter chords.
  7. Storywriting/drawing/coloring
  8. Yoga
    Cosmic Kids yoga is awesome