Forget push presents. Your girl just brought a "tiny" (watermelon sized) human into this world via her (kiwi sized) birth canal. Recovery is tough, and transitioning to having a newborn is no picnic. Help her focus on the positives and that beautiful little babe by having these things on hand for her (and easily accessible).
  1. A robe
    Not a super fluffy robe (because lovely postpartum hormones make you sweat like crazy) and not a silky sexy one (unless she requests it), but somewhere in the middle. Pockets are a plus for storing hair bands, candy wrappers, and random baby things.
  2. An IPad and access to her favorite rerun or no thinker tv show
    Those late nights/early mornings can be so hard, and as much as people like to think spending time with the baby is enough to make a woman not dread getting up 4-5 times at night, it's not. Encourage her to watch an old series that she enjoys as opposed to a new episode because her brain will not be 100% functional, and she may not remember the next morning. Make sure that charger is right next to the bed too.
  3. A waterproof/incontinence pad
    *clearly for the baby. Your babymama will be offended if she thinks this is for her* Newborn's poop and pee a lot, and they like to do so during diaper changes. Lay that pad towards the foot of the bed, so when baby's diaper is changed in the middle of the night, he/she doesn't poop or pee on your wife's beautiful Anthro quilt (and so she doesn't wake you up crying like it's the end of the world)
  4. Ibuprofen
    Lots of it
  5. Water bottle
    Keep it filled with fresh water and easily accessible by a sleep deprived person in the dark
  6. Laxatives
    Yup. And a healthy dose of moral support.
  7. Lanolin
    Because the sample size they give you at the hospital is laughable
  8. Breast Pads
    Because no new mom needs her precious sleep interrupted by leaking through her shirt
  9. Diapers, wipes, and diaper cream
  10. Chocolate, candy, or snacks
    Emphasis on chocolate
  11. A husband (pillow)
    It will save her back and make it much easier for her to lean back as she feed that little gremlin... I mean baby.
  12. Yoga pants or her favorite maternity leggings
    They give you the comfort of pjs, but don't make you feel like a slob.
  13. Toiletries
    Most of the obvious ones you will get from the hospital, with the occasional need to refill. The exception is those fabulous mesh panties. Seriously, those things are glorious. 12 hours before scheduled discharge, stuff whatever mesh panties are left in your bag and tell the nurse you're out of them so she brings more. Then, bring the rest home so you have extra. Or you know, ask.
  14. Hair bands
    Because she doesn't have the time or energy to go searching for one like she normally does
  15. Those gel nipple pads were 💯
    Suggested by @shanaz
  16. Witch hazel
    Put a capful of this on a sanitary pad and then stick it in the freezer before use. Best thing ever in week one post-partum.
    Suggested by @katya