1. Wearing leggings as pants
  2. Learning to code by joining a Skillshare class
    @dereklucas is an talented app developer, and I've been wanting to do this for a while. I look forward to being better than him one day, or at the very least being able to understand what he's talking about
  3. Taking a silly selfie with my girls
    An oldie, but a goodie. We are good at silly selfies.
  4. A few PIFs to some of the girls in my fashion advice and clothing swap group
    If you're not apart of one of these groups (they're typically found on Facebook) and are in a closet or style rutt, I definitely recommend them.
  5. Eating the last of the burrito fixin' leftovers for lunch instead of leaving it for @dereklucas
    This girl loves a good burrito!
  6. Baby-less yoga
    I usually incorporate my baby into yoga either by wearing him or alternating having him on the floor and holding him while slightly compromising poses, and it's enjoyable and good bonding time, but I'm going to treat myself today to some peace and quiet
  7. Blasting The Dø's "Trustful Hands" on the way home from picking my daughter up from school
    It's a favorite in this house. "We are sentimental animals We are undercover criminals We were meant to make a thing or two Meant to break the laws of gravity too"
  8. Reflect on the women that have inspired me this past year and why
    Possibly by making another list