1. (While stroking eyebrows) "My eyebrows are so comfy"
  2. Me: why are you licking that (unpeeled) clementine? Them: to make it nice and shiny!
  3. "I like to rest my face on my hand. But sometimes the inside of my mouth gets numb, so I switch to the other side."
  4. While watching me breastfeed my newborn: "Is he sucking your blood? Like a vampire?"
  5. When seeing their snowman melted: "Dammit my snowman!"
  6. *to the tune of the line in Adele's Hello "Hello from the other siiiiide"*: "May I have some chee-eee-eee-zits"
  7. "Guys, why did no one tell me spaghetti sauce is so good?"
  8. "It's so nice outside, I feel like flowers are growing all over me!"