I'll be adding more as I think of them
  1. Saw Albert Pujols take out 2 Padres in 1 inning
  2. The first time I went to Rome Pope John Paul II died
  3. The numerous food fights my mom started
  4. My mom taught me how to do spit wads. While we were in a restaurant
  5. Driving back to Las Vegas from a visit to Southern California. Ended up having a dance off with another driver for over 2 hours.
  6. I broke my finger because the ice cream man was coming by the house
  7. Any of my crazy online dating stories.
    It's usually the newest one. Right now it's the guy who I googled & found a website dedicated to the way he emotionally & physically abused 2 of his exes. I've never noped out of something so fast.