1. January
    I finally gave in and admitted my love for Taylor Swift by baking a cake and buying the 1989 D.L.X
  2. February
    I spent most of this month with Madi and we made cool shit
  3. March
    I turned 19. The least important age.
  4. April
    I saw Laverne Cox speak at UNT and it was beautiful and so inspirational
  5. May
    I finished my semester at community college and took a lovely trip to San Francisco
  6. June
    I started an internship at the Mensa
  7. July
    The minion mayhem month
  8. August
    I got really drunk it's some of my best friends and we tried to find an 18+ gay club in Austin (we didn't) and I love them so much and they love me so much.
  9. September
    I moved to Chicago and started classes and looked forward to the future
  10. October
    The Cubs made it to the playoffs and the whole city of Chicago was like a community of pride (this was before we were obliterated).
  11. November
    My cat died and it was the hardest day of my life so far. But I got some amazing selfies with her and I'll NEVER EVER EVER forget her. I love her so much 👻👻👻
  12. December
    December was kinda a bummer but I took an amazing trip to Austin with my amazing friends and I'm happy with how the month wrapped up 😊