1. Am I talking to them too much?
  2. Do they think I'm annoying?
  3. Can other people tell?
  4. Do they like me?
  5. Should I make myself look cute so they're attracted to me?
  6. Should I make myself look bad to see if they still like me at my worst?
  7. Do I want them to like me?
  8. Do I really know them well enough to like them?
  9. I should make the first move.
  10. Is this flirting?
  11. Am I flirting?
  12. Are they flirting?
  13. Don't make eye contact!
  14. Oh no! I bet they think I'm being too cold!
  15. Make TONS of eye contact.
  16. Scoop out eyes with a melon baller.
  17. Do I actually like them?
  18. Should I let it slip that I have crippling anxiety and long bouts of depression?
  19. Have I told them too much?
  20. Did I go too far?
  21. This is too stressful.
  22. I'm too stressed.
  23. Wow I'm over it.
  24. Let's be friends!
  25. I still think you're fun to talk to!